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I'm buying a movie studio, Alice
That's great. But I really can't talk right now
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house- if desiring
I know I haven't posted icons in aaaages, but House rox my sox right now, plus the holiday season is upon us, so I let that reflect in the icons. ENJOY! And please tell me what you like. =D

[1-4] DEXTER
[16-23] THE OFFICE
[24-46] HOUSE

all i want for christmas... is...Collapse )

Happy Holidays!
12th-Aug-2008 10:10 pm - 24 Bleak House icons
house- if desiring
Wanted to make myself a Lady Dedlock icon, and then I couldn't stop. So now while I can't decide on which to use, I'm sharing these with the world.

Comment, credit, have a nice evening, don't forget to brush your teeth. Requests for other characters or scenes are also welcome.

right away under here, miladyCollapse )
30th-Jul-2008 04:43 pm - 32 Dead Like Me icons
house- if desiring
I went on a Dead Like Me Icon hunt a while ago but found there were not too many icons of my favorites: Reggie and Roxy, so I decided to make some when I found the time. And now the time has come! I tried to include all characters, hope I didn't miss too many. During my iconing I totally fell for Delores too, hehe.

[1-32] Dead Like Me, episodes 1x03 and 1x09 (but reversed, eh.)

That's very Zen of you, you must smoke pot.Collapse )

I have no rules.
Love, outlaw
house- if desiring
I made these icons in preparation for going to see the musical tonight, and just didn't have time to post them. I kept it simple this time, basic color+crop things.
RULES: Go watch the movie, never throw out your old clothes, they may end up being as cool as the 70's outfits were/are, comment, credit if you want to.

[1-36| Mamma Mia!- the movie]

Friday night and the lights are looooooooowCollapse )
12th-Jul-2008 08:27 pm - 16 Mamma Mia & 15 Brokeback Mountain
house- if desiring
Today I saw Mamma Mia!!! Words can't describe how amazing it was. There's not a single character I'm not in love with right now. I won't say anymore in case it's spoilery, but anyhoo.. I came home, downloaded the soundtrack, had some Ouzo (greek drink thingy XD) and made icons, like a true fangirl should.

I capped the trailer to make the icons, so there shan't be any spoiler at all. All text is from songs featured in the movie, not necessarily with fitting captions. =P

Then I discovered unposted Brokeback Mountain icons I want to share as well, so..

clickety? =DCollapse )

Hmm, my rules would be.. to watch the movie! And if you have, squee along with me in the comment section! =D
7th-May-2008 08:56 pm - Rachel Shelley
house- if desiring
20 icons made with pictures I shamelessly stole from mmm_aggressive, who by the way, is AWESOMEST!
and 3 banners too. Tell me if you want any resized or text added.

golden girl & silver ladyCollapse )

my rules are:
-die of hotness
-comment! ♥
-take a moment to thank mmm_aggressive
-credit if you want to
-tell me Rachel's address so I can stalk visit once I move to England! lol
-don't take all my rules seriously.
edit to add: altering, editing, using icons as bases, also fine by me.
house- if desiring
[1-10]SEX AND THE CITY 6x11 the domino effect
[11-22] THE OFFICE (US)3x14 ben franklin
[23-41] PUSHING DAISIES 1x03 the fun in funeral

Smith did something to me that was so perverse! Okay I'm just gonna say it! He tried to hold my hand!Collapse )

Take anything, textless can be used as bases, credit if you want to.
16th-Mar-2008 11:18 am - The L Word
house- if desiring
The L Word
[1-12] 3x04 Light My Fire
[13-54] 5x10 Lifecycle

I have never... wanted to click this cut. *drinks*Collapse )

Comment and enjoy the episode tonight! Credit is okay too, but totally optional. These characters are awesome, one only hopes to do them icon justice.
24th-Feb-2008 09:30 am - House, Nip/Tuck
house- if desiring
[1-16] House MD, episodes 2x04, 3x15, 4x01
[17-32] Nip/Tuck, episodes 3x01-03

perfect soul, perfect mind, perfect face, a perfect... lieCollapse )

credit is optional,
altering is okay,
comments are fun,
requests excite me,
don't miss the academy award show tonight.
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